Documents Module. Alpha

Hello again!

I am here, writing again to show some of the progress I have been able to implement until now.

I have written the first integration with the CMS using CMIS protocol, using Apache Chemistry, for this integration. This will allow to change the CMS used for any that implements the CMIS protocol.

I have created a new module that is used in the console, which can be found here:

and also a fork of the jbpm console code

What I implemented until the moment is all the integration to CMIS, creating a facade service to consume it:

And also, the screens to consume and navigate the CMS tree, through the folders and download the content of the documents.


You can see how it is looking in this video:


I have work in progress for adding and removing documents, as well as editing its properties.

For next week, I am planing the finish this, and talk with salaboy about how to do this integration inside the process, so, stay tuned!





Hello World!

I am starting this blog to share my experiences that may be useful to other people. And the kick off for this, is the announce that I have been selected to participate in Google Summer of Code 2014 program. You can see my name listed in the accepted project list!

I am really happy for this opportunity and I expect that this idea can be very helpful for the jBPM community, and I also expect that more people of my country gets to know this program and can apply in the future. It is really important to help the open source community to grow, contributing whatever and from the place you can.

About the project I will be working in the next few months, I will provide more details in a new post in the next days. Basically, there is a common requirement to integrate a BPM System with some Content Management System. You may want to have for example, your digital documents in some a CMS to be used there, and you want to be able to manage them inside the business processes, upload them, take a look at them and take decisions based in this content.

The idea in this project in provide a module in the jBPM Workbench for integrating with a CMS in a generic and pluggable way so that any CMS could be used, using the capabilities of CMIS. The initial integration will be done with a powerful and cool product, which is also open source, which is Magnolia.

My mentor for this project will be Mauricio Salatino, aka salaboy. He has been building the new jBPM Workbench, he has extensive knowledge, not only technical, about jBPM and Drools world, and he will be able to help me with this integration.

If you have some opinion or ideas, please share them with me, as it will enrich this integration. Next post will have some ideas about the screens and integration points I have in mind, that I will be working with my mentor.


Thanks a lot and I will come back soon!