About me

Hi all, I’m Nico and in this blog you could find some interesting things about jBPM, Drools and other stuff I am facing in the way.

My career…

What I like is think, and work with others. In some aspect I am thinking last 20 years, looking for news things to learn and why not transmit and improve. Always ready for challenges my technical life has two ways, part Java developer and part IT support. Skilled in working on small and large teams, as well as responsible to work alone. 

Currently my two faces are a JBPM and Drools consultant, trying to help with the development of this frameworks and spreading all I could learn about them. And a F5, Checkpoint, BlueCoat, Splunk consultant, promoting good practices and good maintenance of this platforms.

One of the things I really love is teach what I know, this help me to understand the subject at different points of view and learn more inclusive. In fact, I say that I’ve done my academic career two times, one like student and the other as teacher assistant. Some of the subjects where I’ve assisted were Software Engineer, OO Programming, Software Development Methodologies, Operative Systems, Computers Architecture, Discrete Math, Algebra, Math Analysis, etc.


  • Creative problem solver.
  • Adaptability to new projects, technical environments and teams.
  • New ideas developer.

Contact info:

email: nicolas.e.gomez@gmail.com

skype: nicolas.ezequiel.gomez

twitter: @nicolasegomez

github: https://github.com/nicolasegomez



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