Use cases

Hi all,

The idea of this new post is describe a bit the integration points that I will develop during the GSOC 2014, to start to think about what will be covered and what could be done in a future.

First, a short description of the proposed project

jBPM allows you to improve your business in different ways. You can run the full BPM cycle using the new KIE Workbench functionalities. It’s often required that your business is around documents that needs to be stored, to be read by users of the system and take decisions about this in your processes.
The idea is to provide the possibility of upload documents from the KIE Workbench, taking into account user roles and rights, and then store them in process variables. This enable to the user to use the document properties inside custom tasks and human tasks.

Integration Points

Documents section

First of all, there will be a new section in the Workbench called “Documents”. This will be the entry point for managing the documents inside the workbench without having to log in in another system.

New Documents Section
This section will be available for only allowed users.

Document List

Under this section, there will be a section with a Document List. The user will see all the documents, filter by folder, name, and the different fields. In addition user will be able to add and remove files.

Documents List

Add a new Document

In the document list page, there will be a link for “Add Document”.
There, an editor for upload a new document will appear, with all the fields for the document properties, metadata and an upload file chooser.
The user will be able to choose the path where it will be uploaded, the name of the doc, etc.

Add Document Form

Remove document

The document list table will have the possibility of deleting documents.

Using Document in Processes

Business processes may need to use the documents which will be managed in the documents section.
First of all, there will be the possibility of using documents in the forms. This will include:
– Uploading documents from a human task.
– Showing documents into a human task.
– Showing and editing document metadata.

A typical scenario would be the following:

Example Process

In this process, a candidate will apply for a job position, and his application will go along all a set of reviews and interviews, ending in a proposal and a signed contract.

In the input form of the process, the user will put its name and upload his CV as a document.


After this, the candidate request will reach some of the HR people, who will be able to see this CV along with other information provided and take some decision on what to do next.

In this process, we could also use documents for the proposal, and the contract. The hired employee would sign the contract and then upload this in a document form, which will be stored as a backup in the CMS!

This CV could also be filled with metadata that the HR people fills. This will end up saved all with Magnolia, or the configured CMS.


Cool, isn’t it?

Then, the documents will be able to be attached to tasks, and also to processes. For audit purposes, you will be able to see not only documents in tasks, but in which processes each document is used.

Any feedback or idea is welcome! Please, just write me!.

So, this is the presentation of the work I have started doing for the GSOC 2014. I really hope that this helps jBPM Console users with its requirements, I think it will. I will be writing about the progress next week, so keep posted!




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